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If you are looking for information on asado, you are in the right place!

We are excited to share our southern perspective on Argentine asado and live fire cooking from the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. 

What is asado? Asado is a meal, an event, and a technique for cooking over hard wood coals. It’s a way for friends and family to enjoy a relaxing afternoon meal around a fire, with plenty of slow roasted meat, veggies and wine. Asado cooking was developed by the old gaucho cowboys of the vast Argentine pampas who cooked their beef beside a live fire and with hard wood coals. 

Asado is a national obsession in Argentina and Uruguay, and we’ve spent the past six or seven years traveling there annually to experience and learn about asado, at gaucho horse festivals and at great hunting and fishing lodges. We’ve developed all sorts of grilling implements back home, and started Los Gaucho Heroes, a loose collective of friends who get together at BBQ festivals and events to share some great meat off the fire. The Gauchos are occasionally available (we do have day jobs) to put on asado exhibitions and catering events, and you can contact us with inquiries through this site.

Our asado story has just been written and published! Asado: A Southerner’s Journey into the Heart of Argentine BBQ is hot off the press and available here.